AutoCAD 2020 Review and New Features

April 17, 2019

Everyone’s favorite CAD Design software saw an update last week as AutoCAD 2020 got long last released.

What to Expect from AutoCAD 2020

A lot of what came with Auto CAD 2020, put it on par with a lot of other modern technologies used today but it’s all still worth talking about.

Here are some of the newest features.

  • DARK MODE – Similar to just about every other technology that’s out on the market, AutoCAD 2020 released a dark mode that allows you to turn your user interface windows from White to Dark.
  • CLOUD PARTNERSHIPS – AutoCAD has partnered with Microsoft and Box to offer streamless partnerships that allows files to be held in the cloud and to be transferred to your products with ease in AutoCAD 2020.
  • SPEED and PERFORMANCE UPDATES – A big and hunky program in the past, AutoCAD has taken the time to speed up the program and remove seconds from what it takes to manipulate and save files. Seconds might not seem like a long time, but when it comes to working with a number of files you’ll notice a difference.
  • QUICK MEASURE TOOL – The quick measure tool is something that people have been looking for, for awhile when it comes to manipulating their program. Simply hover your mouse over an item to get dimensions,  distances, and angles that are otherwise dynamically displayed.

We’re sure to find a handful of other updates to these to AutoCAD 2020 as we dig into this software and we’re keep you updated as we do.

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