CAD Designs in 3D Printing

March 17, 2019

Last month we talked about what to expect from the CAD Design field in 2019 and we mentioned 3D virtual reality technology coming to the mainstream of CAD. This was all before two different companies announced their push into the 3D CAD Design space, with both Mindesk and HP announcing over the last 30-days they were making a push for Virtual Reality to become a stable point in CAD.

Virtual Reality CAD Design Trending Upward

CAD Design has long been the process of creating a 2D document using graphical software but the recent inclusion of 3D technology has seen many new elements approach this once 2D space.

These elements include:

  • Adding Depth into design. Whether it’s tall or wide,  the ability to showcase depth and space has long plagued CAD designers. Though their are design techniques to show these details, depth has long been something that’s always been difficult to show and can easily be done using 3D technology.
  • Allowing visualization. A piece of paper is great, but it doesn’t allow a project to fully come to life like a 3d representation. By being able to create something in 3D CAD Designers and engineers are able to showcase their work in a new way.
  • Allows it to be transferable. A 3D Generated CAD Design allows one to create a software that can easily be transferrable from one person to another, instead of a piece of paper that has it’s traveling limitations.

To learn more about 3D CAD Designs read the Mindesk story here and the HP story here.

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