What Does an Electrical Drafting Designer Do?

February 3, 2016

Modern technology advances are becoming increasingly dependant on electrical wiring and electrical components to operate. This innovation is largely in part to electrical drafting designers. Electrical CAD designers work with multiple industries to create advanced blue prints and electrical diagrams that help ensure that the tallest skyscrapers to the smallest smart cars are technologically and electrically sound.

Primary Duties of an Electrical CAD Drafter

Electrical drafters have a diverse workload ranging from prepararing the technical drawings of electrical wiring and electric systems to testing those designs. Designers also create specifications and instructions for installation of electrical equipment like transformers, power lines and any equipment used to relay power from high voltage lines to homes and businesses. Drafters are even needed in the automotive industry. Today’s cars are more electronic than ever with sophisticated on-board computers used to record driving conditions, how the vehicle is operated and report mechanical issues.
CAD electrical drafting

Electrical Drafting Sketches and Drawings

CAD designers who focus on electrical diagrams create:

  • Master sketches
  • Working diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams – automotive electrical systems and development of wiring diagrams for skyscrapers


Electrical drafters are tasked with testing the specifications they create to make sure they work and are in compliance with government regulations and safety requirements.

Why are Electrical Diagrams Important?

Electrical diagrams can be used for numerous applications.

For example:

  • An electrician will use the wiring diagram of a house to connect outlets to the proper switch, install overhead lighting to the proper circuits and ensure that the proper sized electrical panel box is installed to handle the output needed.
  • Car mechanics need vehicle wiring diagrams to properly install audio equipment, testing fuses and sensors and to perform electrical diagnostics for vehicle repair.
  • Even emergency service personnel use electrical drafting diagrams to assess safety before entering buildings.

As technology advances and buildings continue to be built, electrical CAD drafters will be required to develop intricate electrical systems to meet those demands. Having such a wide range of applications, an innovative electrical designer must be creative and analytical.

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