What You Should Know About a Career in CAD

December 4, 2015

Becoming a professional drafting designer can be a very rewarding career. By working with multiple industries, CAD designers have a hand in developing many of the items you see and use every day. CAD-Designers have compiled a brief overview of what someone interested in CAD should know to help them enjoy a drafting career.

What Does a Career in CAD Require?

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Most drafting employers will expect an applicant to have received accreditation from a technical school or a community college. Preparing for a career as a drafter can begin as early as high school, with course work such as computer technology, computer graphics, and design being helpful.

What Types of Skills Do You Need?

Just like any profession, certain individuals are more likely to gravitate towards CAD and drafting than others. However, having important qualities can aid you in becoming successful in this field. A few skills that are important are:

  • Critical analysis – must be able to evaluate and eliminate flaws and errors in design
  • Attention to detail – designs must be accurate
  • Good communication – you will work with numerous people in various fields. You must be able to communicate effectively
  • Aptitude for math – solving calculations is essential
  • Good time management – must be able to work on deadlines
  • Technical ability – computer skills

Are You Interested in a Career in CAD?

CAD-Designers have been supporting the Raleigh, NC area over 15 years. We provide quality designs from experienced designers and offer staffing services for engineers and other firms.

If you are enrolled in school for CAD or maybe have been working in CAD for years, you may be a great fit with our company. Call 919-457-9184 or complete the contact form for a career in CAD!

As a CAD Designer with over 26 years of computer aided design experience Charlie Seymour is the President and Owner of CAD Designers, Inc. a nation wide cad service firm.

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