The Future of Prosthetic Hands Lie in the Hands of Cad Designers

August 17, 2015

The medical industry is really being transformed by 3D printing. There is so much to look forward to as we continue to have more technological resources readily available at our fingertips.

One area that is already thriving today with 3D printing is the world of prosthetics. People are already walking, running, and grasping with customizable and affordable 3D printed replacement limbs.

Prosthetic Hands by CAD Designers

In fact, the organization e-NABLE has already jumpstarted on using 3D printers and design software from CAD designers in order to make prosthetics for Haitian children and adults who are missing fingers, hands, and wrists. Not to mention e-NABLE are giving away these prosthetics for free!

As mentioned in this article, “in just one hour of CAD design can make a big difference in how one child is able to have a new lease on life with a customized, free 3D printed prosthetic.”

The use of CAD designers is growing exponentially in so many different industries, including medical, environmental, and civil engineering. We’re happy to see that CAD talent can be used for such much good in the world.

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As a CAD Designer with over 26 years of computer aided design experience Charlie Seymour is the President and Owner of CAD Designers, Inc. a nation wide cad service firm.

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