Will a CAD Design Slowdown come?

August 2, 2019

Ups and downs happen in the job market. At any time a company can be going up and at the next moment, it can be going down. Manufacturing, in particular, is known for its ups and downs however over the last few years it has been on the rise in the United States however many are concerned that a recessing is coming and the closing of the recent Ikea plant in Danville, VA is a sign of things to come, however, we believe that’s not the case.

The closing of the Ikea plant in Danville may have not been expected but the closing of many plants across the United States were bound to happen due to Tariffs and trade wars that are currently in place with the United States and our fellow countries. Patience has to be shown and sadly plants do close during recession times, but the closing of one plant doesn’t show that all will fall. As a CAD Designer a downturn in manufacturing can be a bad thing, however CAD Design is actually booming but with an industry that’s designed to have more work in CAD and other elements there’s no telling why.

CAD has evolved than just building and manufacturing design of chairs and tables. Many other elements of CAD have designed into telecommunications and prototypes of designs. Also Dentists have evolved and are now using CAD Designers and Developers, to help them design teeth designs and other elements.

Also the use of 3D printing and cloud computing has evolved so much to help CAD work with all of their needs.

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