What is Structural Drafting?

Structural drafting is a plan or blueprint for how a buildings or other structures are to be built. Instead of focusing on detailed drawings of floor plans, structural drafters focus on the building’s overall support system, which includes things like columns, beams, foundations, etc. Drafters used to create these drawings by hand, but with more advanced technology, CAD programs now complete these plans much quicker.

At CAD Designer’s Inc, all of our structural drafting services are done by our internal staff which means you don’t have to deal with the headache of working with outsourced workers.

Understanding Structural Drafting

From foundation plans to slab details, our computer aided design team has completed a number of drawings within the structural field for the past 15 years. Our CAD team is more than capable to handle any structural job.

If you have a need for structural drafting experts, call CAD Designers Inc. today at 919-457-9184 or visit us online to get an estimate on your structural drafting needs.